Ship Ahoy Warm-Up

Purpose(s)/Objectives: provide a fun warm-up activity for students; develop fitness

Equipment: none

Number of Students Involved and Formation: entire class in a single line, side by side, on one side of the gym

Rules/Description of Activity: Students stand on one side of the gym which is designated as the "ship". The other side of the gym is the "shore". The teacher uses the following commands to get the students moving and performing each task:
Ship Ahoy stand with one hand in the salute position (freeze)
Ship one side of the gym
Shore other side of the gym
Man Overboard partner in tuck position on floor, while other lies over top
Swab the deck coffe grinder
Life raft 3 people sit in a line in straddle position
Set Sail slide around room with both arms up
Hit the Deck do push-ups (specify number) and salute
Hoist the Anchor do sit-ups (specify number) and salute
Beach lay down on the floor

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