Jack Frost and Jane Thaw

Purpose(s)/Objectives: Fundamental locomotor skills; Stopping and dodging on cue; Value and understand self-discipline under rules; Feeling of Success (no losers, no winners); FUN!!!

Equipment: Eight scarves-four pink, four orange; Four cones to mark to boundaries-optional.

Number of Students Involved and Formation: Entire class using general space in the gymnasium. Students begin in scattered formation.

Rules/Description of Activity: Begin with students in a scattered formation using the general space in the gym. Students will move to avoid being frozen (tagged) by "Jack Frost". When frozen the children must remain frozen until thawed (tagged) by Jane Thaw. Freezing occurs instantly but thawing occurs slowly (have students count to three). Jack Frost may not freeze any student while they are thawing and Jack Frost may not wait for a student to thaw and then freeze the student again.

Suggestions/Hints/Variations: Instead of using streamers scarves can be used, change locomotor skills as game goes on, change the number of Jacks and Janes as the game goes on.

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