Hoop Relays

Purpose: Teamwork, Cardiovascular Fitness

Equipment: One hoop and one cone for each team.

Formation: The entire class in teams of four or less on the baseline, standing in line.

  • Relay 1- Each team member will roll hoop to their teams cone and then back to their squad, handing the hoop to the next team member. Each team member will complete one trip to the cone and back.
  • Relay 2- Each team will place one team member inside the hoop and the remaining team members will hold on to the hoop with one hand. The team will go around their cone and back to the stating line. Each team member will take a turn inside the hoop. When every team member has one trip inside the hoop the entire team sits down on the baseline.

    Variations: You can have different patterns for the cones and you can make the students run shorter or longer if you wish.

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