Fun With Feathers

1. Toss the feather in the air and try to keep it up by only blowing it.

2. Toss the feather up and catch it with various body parts shoulder, knee, back, foot, etc.

3. Balance the feather on various body parts as you travel around the room.

4. Hold the feather high, release it and try to keep it floating by fanning it with your hands. Do not touch it but make air currents which continue to lift it up. Using the same method, can you travel around the gym keeping your feather off the floor?

5. Hold the feather high, release it and try to imitate its motion with your body as it drifts to the floor.

6. If you hold the feather as high as you can reach, how many times can you punch it with your fists before it lands?

7. Can you -hold the feather high, release it, and then spin around 3 or 5 or 7 times and still catch it before it lands on the floor?

8. Can you blow the feather high and then maneuver underneath it so that it lands on your nose or face?

9. As the feather drifts to the floor can you kick it with each foot before it lands?

10. Release the feather, then quickly lie flat on your back and wiggle yourself into position so that the feather lands on your stomach.

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