Purpose of Activities
The children will be using a variety of ways to get off the ground and into space or "flight." Giving the students a chance to explore the many possibilities of soaring through open space enhances their chances to select the appropriate and efficient way to apply this knowledge to sport and other activities.

  • Gymnasium
  • Radio

    (#ís 1,2 and 3)
    The students will be evenly separated while facing each other on a basketball court (one group will be on the half court line and the other on the baseline).

    (#4,5,6 and 7)
    The second formation is scattered.

  • Find away high five your partner by keeping both feet together. Then go back to the spot you came from the same way.
  • Students switch places with partner while one jumps like a frog and the other like a rabbit.
  • Do the same as the above except now switch animals movements with partner.
  • Three different ways you can go through space--lead with different body parts.
  • How high can you go as you move through space.
  • Run and leap through the air with your legs bent.
  • Take off with feet together land with feet apart--then do opposite

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