Deck Tennis Rings

Purpose/Objectives: Eye - hand coordination; concentration

Equipment: Deck rings or anything round which can be tossed and caught

Number of students involved and Formation: entire class individually scattered

Rules/Description of activity: Each student gets own deck ring. Toss ring into air - clap 3-4-5 times before catching it (use both hands). Toss ring up and catch it below the knees. Toss ring up and spear it with opposite hand. Toss ring into air, reach right hand under left leg and catch it. Reverse. Toss ring from behind the back. Right hand over left shoulder; left hand over right shoulder. Toss ring in air and catch behind your back. While sitting, toss ring up, stand up and catch it. Find partner close to you and begin tossing rings to each other being creative. Create own trick.

Suggestions/Variations: Other objects except deck rings. Get into groups. Use different body parts to catch rings.

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