Crows and Cranes

Equipment: Students

Purpose of Activity: Fitness, team concept, running and dodging

Formation: Two teams on parallel lines about 5 ft. away from each other.

Description of Activity: In some way two teams are decided on. Have them find pairs or number them off One is named the Crows and one is named the Cranes. When teacher or announcer calls out a team name that team chases the other team to the goal line. The goal lines should be at ends of gym. (For younger children the start and stop lines should be marked by cones - otherwise they forget.) The team being chased should try to get to the goal line before the chasers tag them. If a person is tagged he gets to go be on the other team. Each time the team gets to the goal line (minus those tagged) they go back to the start line. Those tagged and the chasers go back to their start line and start over. The announcer should say the team name slowly--Crrrr...... --to have the element of confusion and anticipation.

Variations: Have children stand with teams backs to each other and not looking at the announcer.

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