Cooperative Musical Hoops

Purpose(s)/Objective(s): Cooperation; Fitness/Movement oriented; Social, Locomotor skills

Equipment: Radio/Music, Hula Hoops

Number of students involved & Formation: Entire class around hula hoops set up in a circle

Rules/Description of activity: Similar to musical chairs only NO elimination. Students move around the hoops doing specified locomotor activity while the music is playing. There should be one less hoop than students to start with. When the music stops everyone needs to find a hoop. Students will have to double up in a hoop if they do not find their own hoop. Every time a hoop should be removed. Eventually the whole class will try to fit in one or two hoops dependent upon class size and ability.

Suggestions/Hints/Variations: Remove more than one hoop at a time. The way students move around the hoops.

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