Chicken Fat

Purpose(s)/Objective(s): develop fitness levels by performing various exercises to "Chicken Fat" cassette, listening skills, fun w/ fitness

Equipment: students, tape cassette, tape player

Number of students involved and Formation: Entire class, scattered throughout the gym, in their own personal space

Rules/Description of activity: First demonstrate the exercises to be done to the tape, to guarantee that everyone knows what to do - scatter out the students, in their personal space - listen and follow the "Chicken Fat" tape for instructions - the starting cue is "Good Morning" - the exercises performed are:
1. toe touches
2. push ups
3. marching
4. sit-ups (chin-ups)
5. trunk twists
6. pogo stick
7. jumping jacks
8. arm circles (backwards, forwards)
9. bicycle (lying down, supine position)
10. breathing techniques (making circle w/arms)
11. run in place (tortoise, hare)
  • each exercise is performed 10 times, each

    Suggestions/Hints/Variations: try different tapes, with exercises, for variety (Mousercise, for example)

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