Purposes/Objectives: Learning body parts-best used with younger children; Creativity; Teamwork; Cooperation; Balance; Listening skills

Equipment: No equipment needed.

Number of Students Involved/Formation: Entire class is involved. Formation is scattered using general space. Activities are done individually and with partners.

Description of Individual activities:
  • Make a bridge using two body parts.
  • Make a wide bridge.using four body parts, then moving to a narrow bridge.
  • Make a swinging bridge using four body parts.
    Description of Partner activities:
  • One child makes a tall bridge using three body parts while the other child acts like a boat and
    floats under it.
  • Partners work together by making a,bridge that opens and closes.
  • Partners make a bridge using opposite body parts such as one child uses a leg and the
    other,uses an arm.

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