Birdie In A Cage

Purpose/Objective: Development of passing, catching, and intercepting skills.

Equipment: a basketball, volleyball, or soccer ball per group

# of Students: 8-15 per group

Formation: The students are in a circle with one person in the middle.

Rules/Description of Activity: While the ball is passed from player to player in the circle, the person in the middle tries to touch the ball. Players in the circle cannot pass to their neighbor. The person whose pass is touched by the center person has to replace the center person in the middle. If a bad pass is made and the ball leaves the circle, the passer has to replace the middle person.

  • Play can be limited to one type of pass (chest, bounce, overhead)
  • Another person can be added to the middle if circle is big.
  • As little as three people can play, and the third person is the one in the middle.
  • For younger children, set a number of passes that are made before the person in the middle is changed. This way if a student can't get a hand on a pass they are not stuck in the middle.

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