Purpose(s)/Objective(s): hand-eye coordination, tracking, catching and control of an object, learn to catch Equipment: 1 Balloon/student, with some extra, cardboard with pictures

Number of students involved and Formation: entire class, scattered at first, then into groups of 4-6 Rules/Description of activity:
  • balloons are set out for the students - students explore hitting the balloon in the air, and then
    catching it
  • the students will then be asked to hit the balloon at a high level- jump high to hit it, with your
    head, with your medium level- on your knees..low level- lying on their backs

  • the teacher first shows the students the cards, to make sure they know what they are - the
    students are to follow the teacher with their eyes, not moving from their space, and they keep
    the balloon in the air using the body part shown on the card, until changed - the teacher
    switches the card regularly, keeping the students on their toes

  • have the students find a partner with the same color balloon and the shortest student raises
    their hand and is asked to put their balloon quickly over by the wall
  • the partners are then asked to keep the balloon in the air, for as long as they can, using
    different body parts, different levels (creativity)

  • the teacher will number off the students into groups of 46, depending on the size of the class -
    the students will hold hands to form a small circle, then they will sit on the floor in their circle,
    putting the balloons not being used outside the circle - their seats are "glued" to the floor, the
    teacher start.. - the group keeps track of the amount of hits before the balloon hits the floor,
    the students yell out the number after each hit "1", "2" etc., using 2-3 balloons/group - if the
    ball hits the floor, the number goes back to the beginning, and repeats itself

    Suggestions/Hints/Variations: using different body parts (pictures), increasing the # of balloon used in group activity

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