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Scarf Juggling

Juggling is a novel and challenging activity. The key to Juggling is to teach the correct pattern of object movement. After the pattern is established the student can try heavier and faster objects.

  • Use three different colored scarves if possible so you can cue students by indicating a color.
  • Hold the first scarf in center with fingertips -- "jellyfish position"
  • Lift and pull scarf into the air
  • Catch with a "clawing" motion
  • Toss scarf parallel to body
  • Start with one scarf and progressively add the other two

  • CASCADING -- Use criss cross motion; Toss first scarf across body; Toss second scarf across body in other direction from other hand and then catch first scarf in a downward motion; Toss third scarf before catching second scarf in a downward motion

  • COLUMN JUGGLING -- Straight up and down; Start from hand with two scarves and throw up one at midline of body; At peak of toss, throw other two scarves simultaneously along sides

  • SHOWERING -- Circular motion; Throw two scarves from one hand; As second scarf is released, pass third scarf to first hand

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