Pin Kickball
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Pin Kickball

Purpose(s)/Objectives: Practice kicking, improve accuracy and control.

Equipment: 4 cones, 12 bowling pins, 12 soccer balls

Number of Students/Formation: Entire class divided into two teams. One team on one sideline the other on the other sideline.

Rules/Description of Activity: Two teams stand about 20 25 feet, facing each other. Bowling pins are placed between the two teams. An equal number of balls are given to each team. On a signal, both teams begin kicking, trying to knock down the bowling pins. Kicks must be made behind the designated line. Players should concentrate on control and accuracy. Each pin knocked down scores a point for the team. After all pins are knocked down students come to the middle and help set pins up for the next game.

Variations: Use different number of balls, pins, type of kick, increase distance between teams and pins.

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