Jump Ropes On The Floor
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Jump Ropes On The Floor

Purpose(s)/Objectives: Develop creativity, movement skills, and cooperation. This activity allows for maximum participation in the classroom.

Equipment: 1 jump rope per student

Rules/Description of Activity: Students will begin by placing the jump rope in a straight line on the floor in front of them. With the rope in this position, they will move around the rope in some manner either designated by the teacher or chosen by the student. After they move around the rope, the students will then walk on the rope as if it were a tightrope.

Next the students will form shapes with the rope. They can form whatever shape they desire or the teacher can state a specific shape to be formed. After they have formed the shape, the students will then attempt to choose a pattern of movement to move through, across, or around the shape with.

The students will then find a partner. The person closest to them could work for a partner. The partners will then form shapes with their two ropes. After they have formed shapes, they will play follow the leader while attempting to move around, across, or through the ropes.

There are several variations of movements that can be implemented. The ones listed above are just a few of the many.

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