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Hula Hoops

Purpose: To be creative, work on hand-eye coordination, balance, and cooperation.

Equipment: Hula hoops

Formation and number of students: Entire class, scattered and then scattered with partners.

  • Hula hoop using various body parts.
  • Hula hoop on one arm. Throw hoop in the air and catch with same arm or alternate arm.
  • Explore different ways to go through the hoop.
  • Work with partners by catching and throwing one hoop then add a second hoop.
  • Work with partners by having one partner roll hoop with reverse spin and the other attempt to crawl through.

  • Have students use different body parts, standing up or laying down.
  • Add hoops to increase difficulty.
  • Have partners change hoops while hula hooping.
  • Have partner attempt to go through hoop in and out while partner spins it.

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