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Circle Virginia Reel

Purpose: To teach the students about rhythm and how to follow a pattern

Skills needed: Stepping, listening to the caller, memorization

Equipment: Tape & tape player

Number of students involved: Everyone

Formation: Double circle - men facing out on the inside circle, women facing in, on the outside circle

-Forward 4 steps
-Backward 4 step
-Right hand star
-Left hand star
-2 hand star
-Do-si-do with partner, veer to the right & get a new partner
-Heel & toe, heel & toe (men's left, women's right)
-Slide 4 times to men's left
-Heel & toe, heel & toe (mon's right, women's left)
-Slide 4 times to men's right
-Right elbow swing (12 counts)
-Promenade around the circle

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